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Welcome Letter From DigitalEve
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Welcome Letter from DigitalEve
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Welcome to DigitalEve!

The 30 plus women who created DigitalEve around the world have never all met in one room. Developing DigitalEve has been like walking into a virtual room full of women leaders - all armed with intelligence, passion, rich cultural backgrounds, expertise, and the resolve to act, reach out and make decisions for the greater good of our communities.

We are working women, unemployed women, students, married mothers, single mothers, single women, young, old, tech savvy, newbies, artists, programmers, teachers, sisters, daughters, managers, directors and members of society.

The important point is to explore who and what makes up this community and how we can all work together to make a positive difference.

In the first year of building our organization we look forward to forging partnerships and working with other groups and sponsors who are committed to supporting the most important community around - a community of tech savvy women who represent the employees, managers and leaders, vendors and customers of products and services in this industry.

Our dreams are that one day an alumna of DigitalEve will create the first multi-billion dollar high tech company, while another alumna will become the Margaret Mead of the digital age, and yet another alumna will become the Ada Lovelace of the newest technologies that we today only can imagine.

We hope that you will join us in our mission - to recognize the contributions of women in this field and to champion their importance in the new digital economy.

Thank you!