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People Behind DigitalEve

DigitalEve was created by a core group of tech-savvy women experienced in and dedicated to developing value-added, women-focused, local networking technology communities primarily throughout North America, the Pacific Rim, and Europe. The creators of DigitalEve hold prominent positions within multinational/national corporations, regional/local companies, government offices, educational institutions and other community service organizations.

Board of Directors

Elaine Cullom, Board President
Elaine Cullom brings a global perspective born of her formative years in Europe and knowledge of French and German. She is convinced that, only as we learn to appreciate the value each culture brings to our human community, can we assure our planet's continued progress and security. She began her working life in the CIA but soon realized there were far more important things to do, like raising two daughters to excel in a fast-moving global society.

She had her own business as a fiber artist, which lead surprisingly enough into the field of accounting. She returned to school to get a new degree in accounting and a Masters in taxation. The most recent 15 years have been spent developing financial expertise as a certified public accountant and a certified management accountant specializing in all facets of taxation. She brings drive, enthusiasm and experience to our organization.

May Chong, Board Vice President, Treasurer
May Chong is a London-based investment professional working on investment, tax and regulatory compliance issues for Perpetual Unit Trust Management, UK. As Director of DigitalEve London, Ms. Chong oversees all Europe-based activities. A former member of Hong Kong Webgrrls, Ms. Chong founded the London Webgrrls chapter in March 1999 and grew membership to 400 in one year.

A Chartered Accountant with Deloitte & Touche in London, Ms. Chong has five years experience, developing commercial and business skills, including two years in commercial banking. She was also an Investment Analyst and Fund Manager in the Asian markets for eight years. She has extensive international exposure, having worked in Paris, Luxembourg, Milan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

May Leong May Leong, Board Secretary
May Leong brings more than 15 years of passion, dedication, drive and work experience. She has created and been instrumental in the growth of women's communities and professional networking groups in Asia and the United States. Prior to DigitalEve, Ms. Leong was the International Director of Webgrrls, where she tripled the networking group's population to 30,000 in one year.

Ms. Leong has spoken at conferences regarding issues from educational technology to women in leadership. She previously served on Wall Street as Publications Coordinator for Alan Greenspan and worked for Xerox, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), and The Body Shop. Ms. Leong specializes in creating strategic partnerships that focus on local growth and increasing international value.

Fannie Chow, Board Member

Anna Gonowon, Board Member

Melindah Sharma, Board Member

Dong Wu, Board Member

Executive Management Team

Danielle LaFleur Danielle LaFleur, Relations Coordinator
Danielle brings over 10 years of anthropological study of cultural communication. Having spent most of her life living abroad, Danielle has studied aboriginal tribes in Australia, taught English for the Japanese Government, and worked with National Geographic in the Cook Islands, South Pacific.

When Danielle was introduced to the computer in 1992, she became firmly hooked. However, she would forever be merging her two passions anthropology and computers together. Taking this into account she began to work for Telecom, soon moving over to their business development group. From there she took the leap as the Chief Business Officer for a small start-up, then to the Chief Communication Officer for a systems integration firm. Danielle loves combining what she has learned in the field of anthropology with today's business world. She firmly believes that it's never the product that makes the company but the people.

Laurraine Duffield, Director of Technology

June Hansen, Web Manager