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DigitalEve Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is DigitalEve?

    DigitalEve is a global, non-profit organization for women in new media and digital technology.

  2. How did DigitalEve start?

    In June 2000, DigitalEve began when three women, Dana Jones, Diane Darling and Judy Hawkins got together online to talk about starting a new international non-profit organization servicing women in their communities who were interested in online technology -as a tool, as a business, as a career field, as a viable and important community. Within 30 days 40 women joined the group.

    By July 2000, 30 women stayed on to begin work on DigitalEve.

    In October DigitalEve had 15 listed incorporators, eight directors within the continuing core group of 30 women still working on all aspects of the organization and voted its first executive director into place.

    Most of the members of DigitalEve have never met in person! This is how strong and amazing our community is!

  3. Who runs DigitalEve?

    DigitalEve is run by eight directors located in Boston, Chicago, London, San Francisco, Seattle and Toronto.

  4. Is DigitalEve a for profit or a not for profit?

    DigitalEve is registered in the state of Washington, as a 501 (c) (6) - a trade association. This non-profit status allows DigitalEve to conduct networking and professional development activities. DigitalEve Headquarters is located in Seattle, Washington.

    In the future, DigitalEve plans to create a 501(c) (3), to handle scholarship programs and any other charitable community services.

  5. How did you come up with the name DigitalEve?

    As DigitalEve is a group effort, we voted on names. Here's the story from the woman who coined our name, Stefani Twyford, co-leader of DigitalEve Houston:

    "We all seemed to think the words 'new media' would soon become outdated so I was looking at words that were interchangeable with that concept. Digital was obvious. Eve came from the concept of evolution for women. I had thought about such ideas as the digital dawn as we help women move forward into the new technology era. Eve just seemed an appropriate metaphor."

  6. Where are chapters located?

    DigitalEve Boston, our beta chapter, launched in September. It was quickly followed by DigitalEve chapters in Philadelphia and San Francisco, Houston, Vancouver and London.

    From November 13 - 19, 2000 DigitalEve will officially launch 16 chapters and more than 6,000 members in:

    Canada: Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo, Mississauga, Montreal, Nova Scotia, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver

    United States: Austin, Boston, Houston, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle

    United Kingdom: London

    Chapters coming soon include: Austria, Australia, Holland, Israel, Germany, Hong Kong, Tokyo and other locations in the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.

  7. How do I join?

    Find the chapter nearest you and complete the membership form.

  8. How are DigitalEve chapters run?

    DigitalEve chapters are run by dedicated volunteers including Chapter leaders, Steering Committee members and other active volunteers and supporters. Chapter leaders work directly with DigitalEve headquarters to coordinate services and benefits and as well as chapter strategic planning and growth.

    DigitalEve headquarters, in conjunction with feedback and input from chapters, is putting together a structure so that there will a fully paid working staff to work closely with supporting and promoting local chapters. As this takes time to put in place, we hope to have initial paid staff by early next year.

  9. If there isn't a chapter in my city, how can I join one?

    You can become a member by joining the main organization. As soon as there is interested in starting a chapter in your area, information will be posted to our main DigitalEve web site and mailed to our members.

    If you are interested in helping to start a new chapter please contact us.

  10. Who owns DigitalEve?

    As a registered non-profit organization no single person or company owns DigitalEve.

  11. What does DigitalEve do?

    When you join a DigitalEve chapter you join a local community where members meet face-to-face and communicate online, as well as an international community where you can meet and interact with members who share similar as well as different interests. DigitalEve's purpose is two-fold,
    1. to meet the needs of its members
    2. to educate the public in recognizing the importance of women's involvement in the new economy.
  1. The needs of DigitalEve members:
    • To network, both face-to-face and online through our various discussion lists
    • To mentor and receive mentoring from supportive professionals and peers
    • To give and receive mutual support in a positive manner
    • To improve personal use of and knowledge of the latest technologies
    • To receive and share career advice
    • To connect with like-minded peers

  2. needs for educating the public:
    • To promote and recognize the importance of women's contributions to the growth and success of the new economy
    • To include older women in the use of technology and participation in our communities
    • To increase the interest of young girls to pursue careers related to new media
    • To manage successful community outreach programs to decrease the impact of the 'digital divide' along gender and social-economic lines
  1. How do I start a chapter?

    Anyone with enthusiasm, drive to work with others, interest in promoting the DigitalEve mission and has time to start a DigitalEve chapter is qualified. The process of being selected to be a chapter leader depends on the location and includes the following process:
    1. Contact us to let us know of your interested and complete the application process
    2. A review of your application will take place.
    3. In most situations we encourage chapters to begin with a steering committee. This way, the chapter is a team effort from the beginning and a leader is given the chance to emerge from the group.
    4. In some situations a chapter may begin with one leader

    Please note that there is a temporary hold on new DigitalEve chapters coming on board as we are working to complete our new chapter launch policy. However please let us know you're interested.

  2. Who are your chapter leaders?

    Our chapter leaders are women who are experienced in life. Some come from technical backgrounds - programmers, designers, project managers - while others come from other fields - architects, educators, entrepreneurs, students. Our chapter leaders share the following common traits:

    They have a passion for what they do in life.
    They work hard at providing a positive role model.
    They include others in projects and delegate.
    They have a great sense of humor and are intelligent, hard working members.
    They want to create the kind of organization that they can easily recommend to their mothers, sisters, girlfriends, co-workers, colleagues, and acquaintances.
    They are the women who are your neighbors, co-workers, friends and colleagues.

  3. Why would I want to join

    DigitalEve offers an incredible opportunity to become part of a viable community focused on servicing women who work in careers and/or want to transition into careers that are new media oriented.

    If you fall under any of these categories you should consider joining DigitalEve:
    1. You want to learn about computers and the Internet but are afraid to ask.
    2. You're interested in changing careers and want help in doing this.
    3. You are a professional woman with oodles of experience and now you want to help mentor others - younger women, older women, women your own age.
    4. You are a woman entrepreneur in a sea of men, and want to find some support and help in your female peers.
    5. You work in finance as a VC or investment banker and want to help fund more women owned businesses.
    6. You're a business owner who needs to know what services or software programs will help you run your business more efficiently.
    7. You want to keep up with developments in the new economy. (with the growth and impact of the internet)
    8. You want to meet other like-minded women in a fun, nurturing and supportive community.
    9. You want to join a community where you can give and add value as well as learn.
    10. You know that you enjoy learning and doing things together with others and want to improve on skills - leadership, design, organization, communications and more.
    11. You want a friendly community to help champion your personal and professional growth and success, a place where you can make deep personal connections.
    12. You want to be part of a group that will make a positive difference in the new economy and world of technology.
    13. You want to teach your family members how to use a digital camera and email so that you can keep in touch with them.

  4. What services and benefits does DigitalEve offer?

    All members receive the same basic level of membership. Some chapters may charge dues to fund local benefits. Visit the chapter's web site for more information.
    Basic membership benefits include:
    • Local discussion lists
    • International topical discussion lists
    • International and local SIGs
    • Career and networking opportunities
    • Access to job postings
    • Discounts to conferences
    • Discounts for products
    • Regular face to face chapter events
    • Support from a community that understands YOU

    Local membership benefits include:

    Events and activities in your area to:
    1. Promote women as candidates for job leads.
    2. Provide face-to-face networking opportunities.
    3. Create fun opportunities for outreach and charity-benefiting projects.
    4. Organize industry leadership events on a regular basis so that local groups can work together on coordinated events.
  1. How many members do you have?

    Within five months DigitalEve grew from 3 to 6,000+ members. We are experiencing explosive growth. By the end of December 2001 DigitalEve expects to grow to over 24,000 members.

  2. Can men join?

    Men are welcome to join our US chapters as we do not discriminate. All members, regardless of sex, join with the agreement that they help support our mission as women-focused organization. Where DigitalEve operates chapters outside the US, please check with your local group for local regulations regarding membership.

  3. My company is interested in sponsorship, who should I contact?

    By becoming a sponsor of DigitalEve your company and brand is exposed directly to a highly targeted audience of decision makers, business owners and managers in the high-tech industry.

    DigitalEve relies on the generosity and funding of corporations and individuals to provide top-notch programs and benefits to our members.

    There are many ways that you can support DigitalEve. Click here for more information.

  4. Where is DigitalEve coming soon?

    Chapters coming within the next few months include: Austria, Australia, Holland, Israel, Germany, Hong Kong, Tokyo and other locations in the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.

  5. Where are your offices? (Seattle and UK)

    DigitalEve currently has no offices. Headquarters are in Seattle as it is where we have filed our articles of incorporation. We are keeping our overhead low and passing the savings onto developing programs for members as we fund raise for the group. By the end of year 2001 we hope to open up small offices in various locations in Canada, the US and UK.

  6. What kinds of sponsorship are you looking for?

    We are looking for sponsors on the local, national and international levels. By becoming a sponsor of DigitalEve your company and brand is exposed directly to a highly targeted audience of decision makers, business owners and managers in the high-tech industry.

    DigitalEve relies on the generosity and funding of corporations and individuals to provide top-notch programs and benefits to our members.

    There are many ways that you can support DigitalEve. Click here for more information.

  7. What about other women's groups?

    DigitalEve represents a choice for women. Other women's groups a valuable and provide needed benefits and services.

    DigitalEve is actively working with other women' groups in various areas so that we can work together to improve services and benefits to women (versus just competing with each other for the same services). For example, in San Francisco, our chapter leaders are working with other bay area women's organizations to coordinate event schedules and help promote each others' services.

    In Philadelphia, our chapter leader has scheduled networking meetings with various women's groups and high tech organizations in the Philly area.

    In Boston our chapter leader has brought together some of Boston's leading high-tech and women's groups to produce a co-sponsored job fair.

    This is just the beginning of pooling resources and working together to increase and leverage the value that we all bring to our communities.

  8. How is DigitalEve different from other women's groups?

    DigitalEve is new and has yet to prove itself. From this starting point DigitalEve is working on putting into place, local events, services and benefits that are coordinated on an international level.

    Already in less than 6 months DigitalEve Headquarters has raised money that will go directly to fund the launch activities of over 30 local DigitalEve chapters world wide. As far as we know, this is a first for any women's group.

    DigitalEve is working on a creating pools of expert women who have proven and shown skills in various areas through service to DigitalEve in their local areas, as well as on an international level. These pools of women will include with those members who have shown expertise in education, design, programming, marketing, human resources and leadership. As a pool of experienced women whom we have direct experience with, they will be given our "stamp of approval" as experts in their field. These members will be promoted for any speaking and consulting projects as may be needed by outside corporations, non-profit groups, government departments, think tanks and other organizations.

    These are just two examples of how DigitalEve is different.

  9. What are the benefits of sponsorship?

    • Promotion of company to a highly targeted audience either in North America, Europe, Asia or other parts of the world.
    • The opportunity to participate at our workshops, seminars or events
    • Links or logo on our web site
    • Acknowledgement of partnership in email to our members
    • Inclusion in press releases for our events

  10. How can we partner with you?

    Contact us here.